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The "First Contact"

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

This journal club on Nov. 6th was our first journal club hosted with the purpose to start our sequence of the journal clubs and meetups in the future. This is also the first time for our members to meet each other and know about the researches done in Caltech over food from Panda Express.

We are honored to have four speakers from different aspects of quantum science researches to shared in depth about their research topics. We thank Andrei Ruski from Faraon's Lab to introduce us to his work in quantum control of rare earth atoms embedded in a transparent nanostructure. We further thank Joe Iverson from Preskill's Group to talk about his most recent exciting results in helping the world understand how the quantum error correction codes defend quantum information against noises. We also thank Xiang Li and Dr. Bassam Helou from Prof. Yanbei Chen's group. They brought two interesting topics from their group to us. Xiang discussed about how the LIGO works to achieve the high accuracy needed for detecting gravitational waves we have seen for the last two years. She further discussed about her recent work in a new proposal to significantly improve the accuracy of LIGO in the future. XXX then talked about the fundamental works done in Chen's group to identify falsefiable signatures of new physics that can incorporate Gravitation naturally into the description of Quantum Mechanics.

Last but not the least, let me thank our amazing members for their support and participation. Your involvement has made this event enjoyable and meaningful!

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