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Let's explore the wonder of quantum world together

The association serves as a platform for members working on theory, experiment, and engineering in fields relevant to Quantum Information to exchange novel ideas and share expertise with resources. The goal is to foster strong ties and promote campus-wide multidisciplinary collaborations that lead to innovative research topics.

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Novel ideas have always emerged from discussions among peers and great breakthroughs are frequently accomplished by close interactions between theorist, experimentalists, and engineers. Caltech has benefited greatly from its long tradition of multidisciplinary collaborations between different researchers with various complementary experience. The association will organize various activities including regular Journal Clubs with sponsored meals, web forums, and online chat-groups. These services help members communicate their ideas effectively in a casual way and find help from other members in tackling hard problems. The association further offers various academical resources and opportunities for members of Caltech quantum science community to work directly with quantum computing industrial leaders to explore the wonderful possibilities with near-term quantum computing hardware.

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Outreach to the Public

Provide contents including videos, blogs, and forum to help the interested people outside academia to understand the importance and fun in quantum information researches

Promote Multidisciplinary Collaboration and Industry Partnership

Help people from different disciplines to identify innovative ways to push quantum information research forward

Provide Academical Resources 

Provide research opportunities and financial support for academical activities

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