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Quantum Computer Programming

Join the journey with professionals from Rigetti Quantum Computing to learn about programming with the state-of-art Rigetti Quantum Cloud Service


In the beautiful afternoon of March 15th 2019, Rigetti Quantum Computing and the CQIA co-organized a workshop for the Caltech quantum information community. We would like to extend our previous collaboration on the CQIA-Rigetti Quantum Computing Credit program which was worth $125,000 in credits on Rigetti Quantum Cloud Service to a larger Caltech population and work together to build a quantum computing ecosystem at Caltech. We are excited to see that Rigetti is working very hard on providing excellent cloud based quantum computing services to the science community. This provides a great playgroup for researchers who only need to focus on algorithms and leave hardware difficulties to a group of professionals at Rigetti.

We hope this collaboration on exploring novel applications and breakthroughs in Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) computing architecture provided can greatly benefit both the outstanding quantum algorithm researchers at Caltech and our industry partner. We are looking forward to more direct collaborations with other industry partners to explore more possibilities in era of quantum technology industrialization.

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