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Quantum Computing with Rigetti

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

With the rise of quantum computing industry, major private players are producing larger and better quantum computing chips at a rate comparable to the early stage of Moore's Law in semiconductor industry. This progress is also accompanied with cloud service offerings from different companies that are trying to bring quantum computing to researchers' laptops. Rigetti has a long history of offering researchers with access to their state-of-art quantum hardware and they have recently made it even easier to use and more powerful for more complicated tasks. Theorists may now use their platform to run quantum algorithms that may demonstrate the quantum superiority over traditional computational methods in near future. Caltech Quantum Information Association(CQIA) is proud to be part of this endeavor and announce the CQIA partnership with Rigetti Computing (CQIA-Rigetti Research Partnership Program) to bring together the theory talents from Caltech and the advanced Quantum Cloud Service (QCS) from Rigetti. We believe that this collaboration will not only potentially yield significant scientific breakthroughs on near-term quantum hardware but also attract more Caltech members to get involved in the exciting progress of quantum computing which will in term boost the development of the field in the future.

We are accepting risky innovative proposals from Caltech community for applications of the exciting near-term quantum computer provided by Rigetti. Please email us about your ideas at

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